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Rehearsal Dinner Venue Ocean Township, NJ.

Hello All,
I am getting married on a Friday in October in Ocean Township. I plan on having my rehearsal dinner on Thursday night. I want to have it somewhere in the same area. My guests are staying at a hotel in Eatontown. I am hoping to find a restaurant somewhere between Ocean Township and Eatontown. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance! 

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Venue Ocean Township, NJ.

  • My friend at her rehearsal dinner at Illiano's Cafe in Eatontown (not the one on West Park Ave in Ocean Township). I remember it being ok, Its BYOB which I'm sure cut down on the cost. Worth taking a look! Its right across the highway from the Sheraton.
  • You might want to consider Asbury Park. It's not exactly between the two but it's extremely close - maybe a 10 min drive? - and you could have your pick of a dozen nice restaurants.
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