National Registries are liars!

If somebody calls you from National Registries, do not get tangled in their web of deceit & lies. They called about some trip & wedding bands I had won from entering my name in a drawing at a bridal show. I actually did go & they do give you promotional gifts without forcing you to buy anything. However they do show you a 2 hour presentation of their other products. We made the TERRIBLE mistake of buying the cookware & were told that we would not have to pay interest on it or ever pay more than the amount of the cookware. We were also told that it would show up as a background check & not a credit inquiry. BOTH BLATANT LIES! Our first bill just came and sure enough, we have an interest charge. I called them and explained that THREE TIMES we were told we wouldn't pay interest & we kept stressing this before we purchased to make sure. They didn't care. So now I'm stuck paying $3,500 plus 24% interest on some stupid pots. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT buy anything unless you pay for it in full right there! Also do not listen to ANYTHING the demonstrators tell you. They will tell you absolutely anything to make the sale, and the company does not care that you might be blatantly lied to and deceived. As long as you sign the contract, you are trapped and that is all they care about. They will also yell at you the entire time on the phone and talk over you like they are the ones who were lied to about thousands of dollars. Now, not only do I have to stress about this (less than a month before my wedding), my credit has also been messed up (new account alert!) during our house buying process. Stay away from National Registries!
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