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Getting married! (Again!) Thoughts?

Hello fellow brides, brides to be, bridesmaids, bride lovers, etc! 
My name is Samantha & I recently got engaged, our wedding will be a small, elegant but intimate affair in November. I am very excited to be marrying the man of my dreams (for real this time, LOL!), it seems as if I was here on the Knot posting all about my wedding drama (how many bridesmaids is too many bridesmaids?!) and excitedly planning the rest of my life for my first wedding. I must admit, I joined the Knot on a whim cause this deep into my 30s all my friends are either divorced & anti wedding OR married but so busy doing the Mom thing that they mostly care about getting away from their kids and enjoying an open bar at the wedding, they don't care about photographers or DJs! And so here I am, back on the Knot cause while I may be older, more realistic and mature, I wanna do a little bit of gushing, talk about flowers and ask my fellow brides for advice and opinions. Not gonna lie, I feel a little ridiculous but onward we go. Looking forward to some wedding chat, honeymoon ideas & all that good stuff!!  And so, HI from Sam!!! :smile: 

Re: Getting married! (Again!) Thoughts?

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    Welcome :)

  • Welcome! There are plenty of brides-to-be (and married veterans) of all ages and backgrounds who can give lots of advice here. A good first step is to change your username to something more identifiable (the default is "Knottiee####) and also, I recommend just using the "search boards" to get a feeling for a few of the general ideas you can think of. Feel free to browse around a bit and get a lay of the ideas. I definitely came on here not knowing much about bridal etiquette, but have picked up a lot! If you have any specific questions, of course, feel free to ask! Glad to have you join the community!

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  • Thank you! I've been trying to figure out how to change my username. :wink: Haven't figured it out yet though! LOL 
  • Thank you! I've been trying to figure out how to change my username. :wink: Haven't figured it out yet though! LOL 
    Check out the "Knottie Tech Help" -- it should help you figure out how to change and customize your user profile. :)

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  • Welcome and congratulations on your engagement  :)

    We talk weddings for sure, but we also chat about other stuff over on the Chit Chat board. Hope you stick around!
  • Welcome! It's nice being here while engaged and having a place to talk all things wedding. I think it saves a person from annoying the shit out of their friends/family in real life, haha. 

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  • Welcome! Best wishes and congratulations on your engagement.
  • Welcome!  We are all ages here.  I am 40 and planning my first wedding.  I thought I knew it all since I was a 'more mature' bride but I have learned so much on these boards and its a great community.  
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  • Welcome! I recently planned my second wedding. My first wedding was 10 years ago when I was in my 20s. 
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