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Do we have to invite the pastor?

We're getting married this summer and are having a very small event, just 12 of us total. The ceremony and dinner/reception will be at the same location - a historical park/museum. As you can imagine w/a 12 person event, it's more focused around the dinner and spending time w/the family rather than partying.  We just joined a church and the pastor is marrying us. We invited him and his wife to the rehearsal dinner as a nice gesture and for him to meet the our families (they all live in other states) before the wedding. I didn't really think about him attending the actual wedding day dinner/reception since it was so small but after a conversation, we think it's assumed that he is attending. We really like him but I envisioned the dinner being just the family and not sure how to position this, or if it will be rude. Help!!
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