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Photography-proofs vs photo disc

Hello brides,

Is there a huge difference between proofs and images on a photo disc?  Do proofs usually look unfinished and grainey. 

I went to a photo studio and was extremely impressed with his photo albums, however when he showed me some proofs of another wedding that he recently took they were poor quality and grainey.  I am now even more confused.

Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated.

Re: Photography-proofs vs photo disc

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    When you receive proofs from a photographer they should be lightly processed (color corrected, exposure, and noticably large blemishes should be taken out as well) they should not look any different then digital negatives you receive on disc. Photographers should go in and retouch anything that goes into an album or is made into a large print (not proof) no matter what. 

    Hope this info helps.
  • alithebridealithebride member
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    no-the proofs should be good to look at.
    i wouldn't do a disc of proofs, when dh and i had to choose our pics it was so easy just tot ake them out of the album and line them  up. that would've been a pita with the disc.


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    I got mine on a disc and it was perfect to upload on the computer and share on facebook etc.  The quality is great and overall convenient.  In regards to choosing the pics I dragged each favorite photo into an album, which was more convenient for me. 
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    My photographer is doing both.  I am getting printed proofs, as well as a digital disk so that I can post them online.  Ask them to throw them both in.  We were slightly hesitant to sign the contract and they basically just kept throwing more stuff in to get us to sign that day.
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  • angybanezangybanez member
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    Proofs are processed images that are not printable quality. It shouldn't look any different unless they were lazy and the proof you looked at are the RAW images that have yet to be processed but were made as proofs for clients to look at so they can choose what images to print. I would always ask if they allow for both print or online gallery proof or a DVD (non-printable). Remember when creating printed rpoof books or prints that's actually additional labor and money the photographer is spending to have those created. A DVD or online gallery is faster and easier, but the benefit of you paying for those proofs is to see the quality of the pictures and prints.
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