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Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas?

Hi everyone! I am getting married in three weeks and I really want to get something special for my mother. Does anyone have any creative ideas? Feel free to even post links from Etsy and stuff. I'd appreciate the help!

Re: Mother of the Bride Gift Ideas?

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    I gave my mother a photo album from the wedding that I made on Shutterfly.

    I did also consider getting her a necklace off Etsy that had little charms with initials, on which I'd put the initials of us 3 kids.

    Otherwise, shop for her like you would for her birthday- what does she like?

    Spa or massage gift certificate?
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    Write her a heartfelt letter telling her how much she means to you.  If you still want to purchase a physical gift, then do as SP29 said and shop like it's her birthday.  What are her hobbies?  Interests?  Don't shop for trinkets or jewelry that are "wedding themed", make it something she would actually like outside the context of your wedding. 

    At most, the only other somewhat wedding-themed idea I would probably go ahead with is finding a nice picture of the two of you and put it in a very nice frame to give her or if you don't have one, then give her a letter on the day of and make sure your photographer gets a nice photo of the two of you together to frame and give her later.

  • We gave both sets of parents frames with IOU's to add a wedding photo once they were in, plus we gave them Shutterfly albums.  If we'd given them anything else, it probably would have been food-related, since that's our go-to present for Christmas/birthdays--either each parent's favorite homemade baked good, or a favorite coffee/tea/local treat.  
  • I think we're also giving the parents photo albums from the wedding, hopefully trying to put together albums with both general wedding photos but also shots they'd especially appreciate (for example, family wedding shots, a few with the bride/groom and other relatives/friends from that side of the family, etc). 

    I also plan on doing heartfelt letters to my parents, and possibly something like a nice necklace for my mom, and a fun gadget for my dad (maybe something like this -- he enjoys his wine).

    One of the best things I hope to do is to keep supporting and celebrating their marriage just like they are mine. Their 40th anniversary will be coming up in two more years, an it's a big milestone that I know they are excited about. I hope to help organize a party with their friends and some family to celebrate it, and maybe help contribute towards a nice vacation for them that year. 

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  • The best gift I ever received was when my daughter threw her arms around me after her wedding and said "Thank you, Mom!  It was perfect!"  Oh, and she also gave me a box of See's truffles.
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