Wedding on a budget

I am trying to stay within a $12,000 budget for my wedding. Does anyone have recommendations for a reasonably priced venue?? I am in North Phoenix, but willing to go within 45ish minutes.
Thank you!!

Re: Wedding on a budget

  • Hi Amanda, this was my budget and honestly, its tough to do in the Phoenix area. I am getting married in Payson and was able to easily keep that budget. What sort of venue are you looking for? Also how many people? I did alot of price shopping in the valley and can offer any help you need. 
  • Hi Amanda!  That's my budget, too! I haven't been pricing all-inclusive bc we're choosing vendors ourselves, but the venues I looked at in our budget were: the Mesa Arts Center, Inside the Bungalow, Arizona Historical Society, Tre Bella, and 12 West Main. There's also a new place opening up soon called The Falls Event Center which was in our budget depending on time of year. Like I said, we're not doing all inclusive, so these were all places that would be under $5k venue rental fee for a Saturday wedding with 150 people. AZ Historical Society is the closest to your area - they would charge $3500 with table and linen rentals for a group of 150. I didn't look into it, but I've also heard the Japanese Friendship Garden and Irish Cultural Center in central PHX are very affordable, too. 

    Hope this helps!
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