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Opinions needed re: invites and wording etc

My Bride to be and I are wondering about a few things...

We decided on a childless wedding due to the venue being outside in a wooded area (barn wedding) and also the amount of children actually ends up being around 50 which we decided was too much so we decided it would be best to make it childless ...so should we put it on the invites somehow? 

Next question... My father's side of the family lives out of state. I don't talk to my father so he isn't invited but I originally wanted to at least invite my family. I received a call from my cousin when she saw on Facebook that I got engaged and she automatically assumed she was invited which she was, but once I told her that children weren't invited she said she wouldn't be able to come and then my other cousin scheduled her wedding a week before mine and then I was told probably none of my family from up there would be able to make it... So we basically decided to cut them from the list and place great friends in their spots. Now I found out that they might be able to come again...and we don't know what to do. I never talk to any of them but felt like they had to be invited and honestly don't  know what to do at this point. Btw this all is before save the dates and invites. We are running behind and haven't sent anything out. Also if we do invite them then very close friends that we see all the time around 10 of them won't be able to be invited.

Please help
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