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Venue Rental Offer June 4, 2016!!!

Hello beautiful brides!
My fiance and I were suppose to get married June 4, 2016. Unfortunately, my mom has been in and out of the hospital the last couple months and is going back in. Due to these stresses, financial reason and fear that my mom won't be able to attend, we have decided to post-pone our wedding until further notice.

HOWEVER, we rented Annapolis Maritime Museum for June 4th. In an effort to not lose our deposit I'd like to offer this venue to any brides who want to throw together a gorgeous nautical dock wedding in the next two months. You will "sub-lease" our venue, if you will. I know my chances are far and few between but getting this deposit back will relieve the stress of traveling back and forth to New York where my mom is to visit.  

Details? Email me at

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