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Finished my DIY invites - thoughts?

I've been working on designing my invitations for a couple weeks now and finally came across a design I am actually satisfied with. Can you please review the wording? It'd be nice to have an extra set of eyes on it. :)

1. Should I include the attire near the bottom?
2. The reply card is currently a post card, but I'm thinking about switching it to a card with envelope. The save the date was a post card, so I was trying to be consistent. Do you have a preference?


Together with their families
name & name
Request your presence
at their wedding
Saturday the day (ex: tenth) of month (ex: april)
two thousand sixteen
six o' clock in the evening

location name
city, state

reception to follow

Re: Finished my DIY invites - thoughts?

  • OP - The design looks nice. I would encourage you to blank out specific details as now everyone can visit your website and know exactly who your are.

    Unless your dress code is black tie, do not tell your guests what to wear ... that includes on your wedding website.

    Typically, it would be request the pleasure of your company for a non-religious ceremony.

  • OP, are those your real names / dates? I'd really suggest you not broadcast these things to the internet. You've given out a lot of personal info here.

    I personally think that your RSVP looks nice as it is, so I wouldn't stress about it. I'm not an expert on wording so I'll leave that to others.

    You definitely should not add any suggested dress code on invites or wedding website unless your venue requires something like blazers for the men. Otherwise people are adult enough to dress for the occasion by themselves. If I am attending a wedding I can pretty much tell from the venue how formal I will need to be, I don't need anyone to tell me.
  • @CMGragain

    I have no comment on the exact wording, I'll leave that to those with more knowledge of that then me but I will echo what PPs will say, do not dictate attire on the invitation or the wedding website, it is rude to tell adults how to dress unless it is a requirement of the venue. Also, edit out the personal information, what you have placed is for all the world to see. Third, one of the fonts you have selected is difficult to read (the one with the name of the venue and website). For 1-2 words in the larger font like your names it is fine, but it is too crowded and difficult to read for longer statements. 
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    Together with their families
    Name and Name
    request your presence
    at their wedding
    Saturday, the tenth of April
    two thousand sixteen
    six o' clock in the evening

    Location name
    City, State

    Reception to follow

    I did not see your example.  You can PM it to me if you like.  Of course, your wording is not traditional, but it does the job.  Did you want traditional wording?  Are your full names included?  They should be.  The ampersand (&) is not used unless it is a part of the design.
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