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Day of Coordinator...Do i need one?

I was wondering if anyone recommends having a DOC and what are their price ranges?

Re: Day of Coordinator...Do i need one?

  • YES!!!  I was in 3 weddings over 14 months, two didn't have a coordinator, one did.  The 2 that didn't were so hectic and stressful for us (the BM'S) and the families of the brides!  So many little things happened that the coordinator, Amy (from the 3rd wedding), handled that no body else knew how to.  The bride was so relaxed, the parents of the couple were all chill and happy, it was smooth and seamless!  Even the things that threw a wrench in the works didn't matter because she handled them and the bride never knew.  I even hired her to do my wedding!!  She is much more affordable than the other Day Of's that I had reached out to and she has a lot more years of experience than the other ones in the area.  Look for her on facebook Amy Lacey Weddings  or email her at [email protected] and tell her Heather sent you.  (;
  • Oh yeah! Other coordinators I talked to were over $2000 and they didn't do all of the stuff Amy does.  I did find one at a lower price, but she is inexperienced and asked what other coordinators I talked to were charging so she could offer lower prices, which I thought was unethical.
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