Central MN/St. Cloud Area Ideas

We would like to have a food truck for our meal and we are having a hard time finding a location we can bring our own food. Any suggestions? We are open to an outdoor location too!

Re: Central MN/St. Cloud Area Ideas

  • Check out Powder Ridge Ski Area... 

    Many venues allow you to bring in any caterer you want, the only places you can truly bring your own food in are churches, parks, or your own property.  And even then many require you to use a caterer.  Read the National Boards for the million reasons to NEVER DIY the food unless you're a professional in the food industry - and even then most in the food industry hire it out!  One thing on the National Boards that's been commented about the whole Food Truck craze is that people HATE waiting around to get their food while it's being made.  I'd agree with their assessment after a friend had a pizza truck come in for her reception and we were waiting around in her yard for about two hours just so everyone could eat a slice compared to Domino's Delivery that'd had everyone served within 15 minutes. 

    A lot really depends on the time of year, time of day, and weather.  You can have a great event on a tight budget without losing out on amenities. 

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