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hello! Long time lurker here- this is my first post. Thankfully, I've managed to find answers to every question I've had so far wedding planning in these forums. But now I've just finished designing my invites and I'm unsure if I'm doing the right thing.

FI and I are not doing hotel blocks, since there's no shortage of hotels in the area and they're not necessary. So is it weird if I include hotel information in the invitations anyway? Are people going to be expecting blocks if I do that?


Re: Hotel Info w/Invites

  • If you were doing room blocks you would put that info on an accommodation card with the invite but since you aren't I would leave it out. Putting it on the invite would be too cluttered and if you sent an accommodation card I would guess that you had a room block set up. Your guests should have no issue booking a room on their own if there are plenty of hotels in your area. 
  • okay, that's what I was starting to worry about. Thank you! one less thing to print off :)
  • I recommend you post your invitation wording before printing.  We can help you if there are any issues.
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    here's my wording :)

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    I agree, I would not include hotel information unless you are providing a room block. Also, this information would go on a separate insert, not your invitation.

    Sounds like people will have no issues getting a hotel room, so no worries.
  • @SP29 yeah, I had a separate insert all set up, scrapping it now. thanks :)
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    @SP29 yeah, I had a separate insert all set up, scrapping it now. thanks :)
    Yeah, save yourself the time, money and paper ;)
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    Just two corrections:  Five o'clock is not in the evening.  The evening begins at six.  Just put "at five o'clock".  Nobody will think your wedding is at 5:00 AM.  Also, never put a zip code on an invitation.  Zip codes are only for the outer envelope.
    Everything else is fine.  I like the floral background.
  • @cmgragain thank you! I'll make those changes tonight. :)
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    You're of course not required to get hotel blocks, BUT setting aside a number of rooms will usually get your guests a lower rate than they'd get otherwise. If that is something you want to do for them, there are plenty of tools to easily get room blocks, I emailed the tourism board of the city we are getting married in and also used jetaport, and between the two of them we got 2 blocks of rooms at a couple different rates. We also did not include that info on the invite, it was listed on our website. Just a thought! Happy planning.
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