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bridal shower question

Hi ladies.. I am looking for everyone's opinion. I am getting married in August and my mom and I have been discussing my bridal shower plans. I personally hate going to a bridal shower and watching the bride open gift after gift. My idea is having my gifts not wrapped, wrapped in cellophane or just a bow placed on top of the unwrapped gift. I would still open the card and display the gift to my guest.My mom thinks that I can't do that because my guest would want to see me opening what they got me. I don't know what to do. Thanks for your help.

Re: bridal shower question

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    i think dictating how your gifts are wrapped borders on bridezilla-even if your intent is in the right place.
    just make sure that your guests have enough to entertain them-and open the gifts quickly!


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    I agree... I think the part that makes bridal showers so boring is waiting around for the bride to be to open the gifts. People like seeing how happy you are opening all of the gifts. Otherwise, what is the shower really for?
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    It's called a "Display Bridal Shower" and you'd have to indicate as such on the invitation so that people know not to wrap the gifts.  I attended one last year, and it was nice to not have to sit around and watch her open everything, esp. since it was a very large crowd of women.  However, if it's going to be small and personable, I think it would be fun to open the gifts.
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    Thanks for the opportunity to answer your question.  Go to www.johnardenmusic.com, Contact John for Bridal shower acts in the "Piano bar/sing along" theme as well as "dueling pianos" and one man band acts. 

    Fun skits, audience participation games, making bridal showers fun.

    Also rehearsal dinners, ceremonies, full service live music and dj company
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