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New York-Long Island

Theyre just flowers =(

Ok so wth is up with centerpieces being so damn expensive... If anyone knows of a florist who will not try and suck you dry then suggest away. I am not a cheapskate by any means I just feel that they all over charge as soon as they hear its for a wedding...There has to be one honest florist in this city... Help me out NY brides =)

Re: Theyre just flowers =(

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    You're telling me! I didn't even want to spend that much either on flowers b/c they're just not my thing! I'm so glad my venue is so dressed up already that I didn't have to spend tons!! Anyway, I used Sugar Magnolias. Her name is Heidi. She's from Stonybrook LI and is great. You could check out her website. I did low centerpieces so that might have saved some $ too:)
    good luck:-)
  • harmonieharmonie member
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    i totally agree and thats why I barely used flowers for my entire wedding.  I am only have bouqets for myself and my bridesmaid and for my centerpieces I am doing vases with colored crystals at the bottom and a floating candle at the top and one flower in the middle with a bow tied around it...since i too am not a fan of flowers at all i used the least amount of flowers possible...there are a lot of centerpiece ideas on the web that don't include flowers!!!
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    I used Flower Michele. They were very reasonably priced and hassle free! Good luck!

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    Hi - I used Jack and Rose and compared to others, I was very pleased with their prices!!
  • shortkakeshortkake member
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    I used Verbena Designs in Hicksville.  They don't have a store front (they're in an indurial area) so there prices are very reaonable.
    And I got the most beautiful flowers I'vev ever seen
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    I haven't booked my florist yet, but I've heard good things about Flowers and Designs by Gina.
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    Burtons in melville is wholesale... check them out.
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    Flowers by Burton in Melville-beautiful flowers and great price/service.  Check them out :)
    And yes, the prices that some places charge for flowers is obscene! 

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