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Married 3/19/16! Reviews: (part 2) DJ Godzilla, iBlowdry, Casa di Amore

DJ Godzilla: A+
DJ Godzilla did lighting and music for both our ceremony and reception, and I was extremely impressed with both. Actually, I was too worked up for the ceremony to notice much, but I heard he did a good job! For the reception, he did a great job of mixing old songs (mostly ones we had requested), with newer songs, and kept the dance floor going all night. He was also great about taking requests and making suggestions. I've probably heard the most comments from our guests about how fun the music was.

iBlowdry: A
I had never had my makeup professionally done before, so was a little nervous about not looking "myself". I brought a photo of someone whose makeup I liked (who I later found out is a reality star!), and Princess got it right! It looked beautiful but still fairly natural - a more glamorous version of me! And she got my updo right, too, making changes until it came out perfect. I got so many compliments on my hair and makeup. It is a large salon and they do a lot of business, so the pace of service is faster than I'm used to, but I don't think they rushed. Two girlfriends came with for blowouts/makeup and they were pretty pleased as well.

Casa di Amore: A+!
We had our "rehearsal" dinner here (even though we didn't have a rehearsal!). We had a group of 17, and my MIL arranged it through their group manager. What a meal! The service and food was excellent, plus the atmosphere (including lounge singers!) made for an awesome experience. We got personalized menus, and they played a song we requested. This would be a great option for a small dinner-only reception, or any group get-together. I hope to come back for our anniversary!

I hope these were helpful. I'd be happy to answer any questions about our vendors. Good luck to future Las Vegas brides and grooms! 

Re: Married 3/19/16! Reviews: (part 2) DJ Godzilla, iBlowdry, Casa di Amore

  • @AZJess921, thanks for the reviews!  I can vouch for Princess at iBlowdry, she is amazing and so sweet!  If you don't mind my asking, what was DJ Godzilla's fee?
  • @Soon2BMrsIzzy, I found some pricing on another wedding site, so I don't think he would mind me posting. For uplighting, plus a total of 5 hours dj'ing (ceremony and reception) the total was $1050. 
  • @AZJess921, that helps!  I was wondering if you did the uplighting as well. Would you recommend it?
  • @Soon2BMrsIzzy , I'm glad we did the uplighting, especially since we used one of the hotel's meeting rooms for the ceremony and wanted to make sure that there was soft lighting. They also looked great in the reception room. We just went with colors that complimented the room, but if you have wedding colors I think they would be a nice way to incorporate them.
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