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"All grown up"?

My aunt got married about 25 years ago. I was the flower girl and stole her first dance with my grandfather. I would love to dance with him to the same song but no one can remember it. My grandma thinks it has something like "all grown up" in it and talks about how she has grown. Any ideas on what song it could be? 

Re: "All grown up"?

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    Maybe "Daddy's Girl," by Peter Cetera? Just a guess on my part.

    ETA: Nope, just checked the lyrics and that's not it. This is a long list but it may help:

    GL and have fun searching!
  • What a nice memory.  Was the song you danced to intended to be a first dance ... or more of a father/daughter song (the dance you stole confused me a little)?
    It might narrow down the choices a little.  

    And remember, you can have a dance with him to any song you choose ... appropriate for him now ... and tell him it was inspired by that time at Aunt's wedding.  
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