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Illusion Neckline Bodysuit

I need some help! I have a strapless dress, but I really do NOT want it to be strapless. This is my second engagement, the dress is from my first engagement which ended very horribly. I cannot afford to buy a different dress. I am looking for something like this to add to my dress...


I went and tried on that illusion neckline leotard, but it was $350.00 which I cannot afford.

Does anyone have any other ideas where I can buy a cheaper one? I'm willing to buy a used one too.

Thanks so much for your help!

Re: Illusion Neckline Bodysuit

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    It looks like the bodysuits are a relatively new product for Allure.  To me, that means it might take some time for those styles to hit the used wedding apparel sites like OnceWed or PreOwnedWeddingDresses.  

    If you've ruled out other lines and labels (it doesn't look like David's Bridal carries something similar yet), I think you might need to start looking outside of the wedding industry.  That might mean looking at dance or athletic suppliers (maybe figure skating or gymnastics?).  It could also mean considering another style, such as a bolero-type jacket or a lace overlay.

    Alternatively, you could take a picture of what you're looking for and your original dress to a reputable seamstress.  She might be able to design a top for you that would be sewn into the existing dress or give you other options to add straps/bling.  It's possible that this could be done for much less than $350, depending on what you want.


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    A specialty lingerie site might be worth a look too. Hips and Curves has a couple of things that might work; look under corsets and select corset add-ons. There's a lace "bolero" and a couple of blouses that may work depending on the style of the dress.

    ETA: Seconding @marissaskisses: bodysuits are a royal pain! The lace bolero I mentioned would fit under your dress, so it would look like you have sleeves. With the right strapless dress, it would look fantastic!
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    I would talk to a few seamstresses about your dress to see what might be possible.
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    David's has their $99 gown sale going on!!!!  Cheaper than alterations or a bodysuit!!!

    I had what you're referring to for my dress - yes, it worked, but at the end of the day, I still hated my dress and it set the tone for everything else.  GO FIND A NEW DRESS that fits your budget! 

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    Definitely try to find an inexpensive dress at DB first. As I said in your other post in attire, I can't imagine a body suit being a good option when you have to pee. If you can't find a dress at DB talk to a seamstress and see about having something added to the neckline. It could be cheaper than the horrible body suit.

    Honestly, I don't understand how bridal bodysuits are even a thing... Does nobody remember how god awful they are to snap in the crotch?? Now add mounds of dress fabric over that to hold at the same time!!

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    @marissaskisses I didn't even bother to snap mine - my torso is far too long! 
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    I would suggest going to see a good seamstress with some ideas. I am sure a good seamstress could easily add on material to the dress to either give you the illusion neck or some type of strap.
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