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Naive New-bee Sari questions!

Hello ladies, 

I hope you can help me, as I am completely naive here. My fiancé is from Bangalore, I am Christian American, and pretty naive regarding his wedding ceremony traditions and clothing. We're having a Hindu ceremony, and I'm supposed to go dress shopping with his mother when I meet her for the first time in 2 weeks (we're traveling to Bangalore). He tells me it's their tradition for his mother to buy me my wedding sari, but how am I supposed to know a budget or what is rude to spend? I've never met her, so I'm really uncomfortable about this whole thing. Also, After reading through some posts, it seems there are both Saris and Lenghas (sorry if spelled wrong!) that some woman wear? Can someone explain the difference? Also, I have friends and family who said they would also like to wear something traditional to support us at our Hindu ceremony. My fiance has volunteered that we'll buy clothes for everyone (about 8-10 women and 5 men) when we're in India. I have no idea if I need measurements from people, what measurements are needed, and what are different, appropriate styles of dress for guest to wear. My mom and sister are both very conservative and self conscious about their bodies, so I can't get them anything where their back or belly would show. I would also really like to avoid that as well. Can someone please give me a basic overview of how they would accomplish this!? I'm feeling like an idiot, and running out of time, and my fiancé really isn't being helpful. As an FYI- we live in Germany and the wedding is in the US, approximately 6 weeks after our visit to India- so I'm worried about the timing of shipping if we need to have things tailored. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

Re: Naive New-bee Sari questions!

  • 1. Yup, tradition is that groom side buys wedding attire for bride and bride side buys wedding attire for groom.
    So your future MIL wishes to buy you a bridal dress. And yes, Sari and Lehnga are the most common ones in India for a bride.
    Lehenga  - You can think of a heavy long skirt with a top and a drape. So its a 3 piece.
    Saaree - Again imagine heavy with a top or blouse as we say.
    However if he is from Bangalore and is South Indian, chances are sarees are more common for bridal wear. Lehengas are more common for bridal wear in North India. So I feel you can stick with Saree!
    For top you will need stitching and pls pls make sure you go to a good tailor. I mean really good. This fitting can really make or break. 
    One of my bride sported a Saree and other one sported a Lehnga

    2. Budget - You are gonna be bride, I cant give a figure, but in India, an average bridal attire can range from 250 to 1500 USD. Yes, its quite a big range. But you can guage. Let you MIL take you too a shop and see what she suggests. Casually ask for the price from shopkeeper and get an idea what might be budget of your bridal attire.

    3. For your guests, they can sport a saree but yes, the top or the blouse will need stitching and measurement. Women can also sport Salwar Suit which are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes at all boutique stores like W, Biba or Fabindia etc. They dont really need stitching and are more like readymade suits. Same can be done for men too, they can also wear readymade Kurta Pajamas. 

    And dont forget to do your dress rehersal. :)

    Hope this helps...
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