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(Hi, the knottie formerly known as ThxSugar here. I had some password resetting issues so I just made a new account)

6 months!!! Longer for me since I am at the end of October but I know we had some 10/1 brides (and grooms?). How is it going? What are you working on? Has anything changed since you began planning? Want to whine about anything?

FH and I are on track. We have our venue, caterer, photographer, DJ, officiant, my dress and Today! we won our cake topper off ebay. I also started a registry. Lots of little things left to do, invitations need to be picked out, he needs his clothes, but so far it has been a fairly easy process.

Working on cakes and centerpieces currently. Pretty sure I am going to order bulk flowers and assemble them the day before. FSIL, my sister, and my friend have all volunteered to help and I suspect that FMIL and my mom will be game as well. Nothing has really changed too much but we are going to visit the venue and our coordinator at the end of the month (hopefully) so we will see what happens then. I barely remember what it looks like, lol.

 If I was going to whine about anything it would be my friends not putting in an effort to come to our wedding. We tried to make it as affordable as possible but they haven't even looked at the options. Oh well! 

Looking forward to all of your updates!

Eta: completed tasks.

Re: 6 MONTHS!!

  • I'm getting so nervous! Ahhh. 

    We we have our venue, photographer, DJ, JP, cake, dress, bridesmaids dresses and honeymoon picked out. We also have our favors picked out (cake pops) He gets fitted on Saturday for his tux. 

    We we have our cake topper, guest "book" (actually it's a billboard type picture off etsy with two love birds that people can sign.), our champagne flutes, and cake cutter. 

    I had centerpiece ideas and now I'm completely in hate with them and not sure what to do : ( I can't find anything I like or that catches my eye. 

    Does anybody see see anything I'm missing that I will need day of? 
  • @JamieLynn913 what kind of look are you going for with your centerpieces?
  • @missJeanLouise something simple. I had these beautiful bigger vases that bowed out on the bottom and then became slimmer at the top. We were thinking of filling them with black rocks, throwing some flowers in there secured to the bottom with a floating candle and tie dark purple ribbon around them. 

    My friend recently gave me smaller votive holders from her wedding that she ended up not using and there is enough for us to have 5 on each table, so now I'm debating possibly using those in some way. The candles fit perfectly floating or alone with no water. I'm just not very creative on that DIY scale and I only found one or two ideas on Pinterest that peeked my interest. One being this http://somethingturquoise.com/2015/02/13/diy-flower-and-sand-centerpieces/

    I feel like maybe one or two filled with sand and two others with the candles might be prettier and simple than a bigger one. And black sand (our colors are dark purple and black). 
  • @JamieLynn913 how tall is the first vase you were talking about? I think the black rocks in the bottom sound cool. Then you could put a couple long stemmed purple flowers in there surrounded by the votives.... idk, if the vase and the votives go together. Do you have pictures?
  • @missJeanLouise I would say roughly 9 inches? I thought I had a picture on my phone but I didn't. I would love to find some flowers to put in the vases but I couldn't find any to save my life. I did find some long stemmed fake flowers that were white that I got for practically nothing that we were considering but I'm so indecisive. 
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