Most real looking silks?

Hi everyone,
Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I couldn't find a clear answer. I'm looking for a silk (or whatever they use) bridal bouquet and boutonniere that doesn't look fake. Any website recs? Thanks

Re: Most real looking silks?

  • I'm getting all silk flowers but they are from a florist that just does silk flowers and she orders individual flowers from all over North America. I have heard of lots of people using Real Touch. If you are DIY, I might recommend talking to a few florists that work with silks and find out what they use.
  • I used Real Touch flowers for my bouquets.  Our photographer tried smelling them and our hotel maid put them in water the day after the wedding.  They all thought the flowers were real.  But, I don't think all varieties of them are necessarily as life like as others.  So, I'd check them out first.  I've seen some Real Touch flowers at Michaels, if you want to look at them.


  • I used for mine (they had pre-made bouquets) and added to them with some Hobby Lobby flowers (you can find some pretty great silks there and if you keep an eye out or download the Hobby Lobby app, you can usually get a great discount). I'm really pleased with the results, the bouquets are both quite natural in color and texture. I was less impressed with Michaels' flower selection, but that may just be my local store, not representative of the chain altogether. 

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  • Thanks, guys! Afloral which uses Real Touch looks pretty nice! I'm going to order some right after I get a dress!
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