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Prices for the DJ

Hello everyone! I have been looking at the prices for a wedding DJ for my wedding in Mexico and they range from 3,000-5,000 USD. I wanted to ask you; is this the average price for a DJ in the US? I live in Italy and some of them are around 800 euro so I am really lost here.

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Re: Prices for the DJ

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    I'll just answer your actual question, not your solicitation.

    That DJ price seems pretty expensive actually. I'm in Chicago (overall higher average costs commonly) and we had a great DJ for $1600. Sure, there are more expensive options, but if all you're finding is $3000-$5000 I'd be pretty concerned. Sorry. 

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    I agree that the price for a DJ you're seeing in your area is pretty out of line.  Around here (Ohio) you can find a wedding DJ with at least some experience for $500 and up.  I think average for a GOOD DJ is more like $1000 - $1500.  The prices you are seeing are very high.  
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