Caterers in CT: On a Budget

Hi All!

I’m looking for recommendations of caterers in CT! We’re planning a wedding on a budget and will likely have around 80 guests or less. I’d like to keep my food/booze/catering budget capped at $5,000.

The venue we are considering has a full catering kitchen and already provides dishes/silverware/etc.

We are going to stick to beer and wine only so we will need a licensed bartender or caterer that is already licensed.

As far as food, it needs to be delicious obviously but we are looking for something simple either along the lines of BBQ or roasted chicken/turkey and instead of an appetizer, we just wanted 4 or 5 hors d’oeuvres. It will either be buffet or family style. Instead of cake, we will likely do cupcakes and for the beer and wine situation, we will probably purchase ourselves since our local liquor store will buy back anything that is unopened.

Plus, if the caterer can set-up place settings, serve (buffet or family style), keep things on schedule, breakdown and put dishes in the dishwasher, that would be amazing.

Is a $5,000 budget unrealistic for this type of menu? Any suggestions of caterers that you’ve used (or ones to stay clear of)?


Re: Caterers in CT: On a Budget

  • Fitzgerald's Catering was recommended to me when I thought I might use a caterer.  
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  • Thank you :) I will definitely look into them. I just had an absurd quote come back for a buffet of BBQ, not including alcohol or cupcakes, for $7,500! Maybe I'm just naive but this seemed outrageous to me since I'm only asking them to put place settings on the table, make sure food out on time and then clean up dishes after.
  • $7500 is probably going to be closer to the average that you find in CT.  Also, you need to consider tax and gratuity.  I'm not suggesting you won't be able to find a caterer in your price range but you might have to work really hard to find them.  
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  • Emily's Catering or David Alan Hospitality Group!
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    I'm not sure where you're located, but I googled "BBQ catering Connecticut" and there are a ton of results! Of course, they're coming from all over the state, so I suggest doing that & seeing what is close/convenient to you!


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  • Thank you, everyone! I was a little naive going into this thinking I could do my entire wedding for $5,000...and then I remembered that I live in CT and weddings are expensive lol.

    I received a few more realistic BBQ quotes but they don't include apps so I would need to purchase some snacky things for that. I did receive a phenomenal quote for $60 a person (including tax) and while it isn't BBQ, it's my second favorite, Thanksgiving food. I'd still need to purchase alcohol and cupcakes but $60 seems very reasonable.

    Another question for you; is it too ambitious of me to bake my own wedding cake? As in a cake just for me and my groom to be? I have multiple food allergies and I make some really amazing allergy free baked goods. I really wanted to bake all of the cupcakes but my family is trying to talk me off that ledge.
  • I can't encourage you to bake your own wedding cake.  I think you might regret that decision as you get closer to your day.  
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    I've been to non-wedding receptions catered by Country Caterers the food was delicious and plentiful. Note to self, remember this when DS is planning his wedding.

    I wouldn't want to be baking and decorating cupcakes a few days before the wedding. Have you checked your local grocery stores? My local Stop and Shop and BigY make pretty cupcakes. I wish I could remember where I saw a cupcake display stand - I think it was Christmas Tree Shops.

    @KnottieLu - it might help if we knew your general location.
  • @MairePoppy I'm in Litchfield County. Conveniently near both a BigY and Stop and Shop :P 
  • Catering by Christine is another one that is good and he does his best to work with you within your budget.  I'm using him for mine.... I also received quotes from a few other affordable places, 2 steps/CIAO in Danbury, and a clambake/lobsterbake were two of the affordable ones I remember...

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