Is May too hot for an outdoor Arizona wedding?

Hi everyone! 

My fiance and I are trying to plan our wedding for the 2017 year. Unfortunately, all spring dates are booked at the venue we love, so it's either the 2nd week of May or some time in November. We are worried it may be too hot in May (Highs in mid-90s and lows in mid-60s), but I am worried pictures will not be as nice in November with plants dying. As you well know, though, Arizona is so unpredictable with weather. 

Has anyone gotten married in AZ during these months that can provide some insight! Thank you!

Re: Is May too hot for an outdoor Arizona wedding?

  • It depends on where you are looking at getting married in Arizona. Sedona and the Flagstaff areas are really nice is May. While Phoenix, Tucson and Lake Havasu are fairly warm in May.

    I'm getting married November 12 in Lake Havasu and I'm looking at highs of mid 70s with lows of mid 50s.

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    It depends on time of day, in my opinion. A noon wedding would be uncomfortable probably. For what it's worth, my outdoor Phoenix wedding was June 13. It started at 6, and was in a shady spot, so it was fine. We had a water station outside, the ceremony was short, and everything else was inside. 
  • Hi! I am getting married in 3 short weeks, and I decided to go northeast to Payson. The high should only be in the 80s. I have friends getting married in November and it should still be beautiful outside. What venue is it? If its a desert background it looks good all year round. 
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