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Hi guys! I have started wedding dress shopping and found the perfect dress. When I looked up the price it was WAY out of budget. I was hoping someone can help me find a designer that they know of that makes similar dresses to Steven Khalil. I know Berta does but they are still a little pricey. Someone please help!!

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    I'm going to have this moved to the Attire and Accessories board.  They will be able to help you more as this is a local board and the Attire and Accessories board is international.

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    Have you ever even tried this dress on?  Many dresses that look wonderful in photos look not-so-wonderful on a real bride.  Go shopping in some bridal shops and show them pictures of what appeals to you.  Then try some of their suggestions on, even if they don't fit your idea of what you really want.
    My daughter was in love with the photo of a certain Maggie Sottero dress.  When she actually tried it on - eh.  She chose something completely different.

    PS.  If you HAVE tried it on, why are you looking at dresses that are out of your budget price range?
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