Middle Name Change?

I just got married this past Saturday and am starting to get some of the forms together to do my name change once I get my triple seal license.

I want to change my maiden name to my middle name and take my husband's last name. I've read so many conflicting articles on if we can do this in PA?! I found one article on MissNowMrs that as of late 2013 it can be done when you get married but you have to file other name change documents before your driver's license. I don't have a passport.

Have any other bride's in PA had success with this?

Re: Middle Name Change?

  • You may be able to do this without getting a legal name change. 1) Go to social security office and change your name there 2) call bank/ credit card company and change it there 3) Change voter registration card Then I think you can change it with the DMV. You will likely have to mail in the voter registration card and may have to provide more info to them and the banks.
  • Hi! Yes you can definitely do this, I just had it done last week by going in person to the DMV. First is definitely the social security card. Then follow this with getting a new passport (or other government photo ID) and finally the voter registration. I had to have all 3 of these things in order to get a new PA drivers license. Good luck and hope this helps! 
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