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Who are you inviting to your bridal shower?

I know that there are articles speaking about exactly this, but I've been getting some conflicting information. 

Most at of the articles say, "invite only your closest and dearest; inviting someone who isn't invited to the wedding would be rude".

Wedding experts aside, I've asked family members of mine, and all the bridal showers they've been to were ones where people that couldn't be invited to the wedding came to the bridal shower so that they could at least be involved in some part of the wedding, and give the well-wishes before the big day. 

What's your experience with this? Is it traditional to invite people who aren't coming to the wedding, and times have changed? Is it still acceptable? Or would it be best to not invite them at all?

Re: Who are you inviting to your bridal shower?

  • It is in bad taste to invite someone who is not invited to the wedding to the shower.  The only real exception to this is if your co-workers throw you a shower at work.  Also, you don't throw yourself a bridal shower, someone throws it for you, so there really is not question of who YOU invite, rather who your MOH or whoever is throwing it invites.
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