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April 2012 Weddings

Just Need to get this off my chest!

Ok.. so our wedding is about 6.5 months away, and you could say that things are going well so far. But these last couple of weeks we've really hit some HUGE snags that to be honest.. have been PISSIN me off!

When FI and I first got engaged, before I could even ask his sister to be a part of the wedding party she told him that she doesn't want to be in it. She just wanted to be there to support. I told him and her that it was fine, but I still wanted her to be a part of the ceremony. I asked her if she would ok with lighting the memorial candle for thier mother.. and all was well. Or so I thought!

A couple months ago she decided to change her mind, and because she is his sister I added her to the bridal party... and had him add another GM (I have a thing about visuals and symmetry). Either way... I ended up changing the BM dresses because I knew that the original dress I chose would not look good on her body. I don't want my girls to look like crap as that is a direct reflection on me and my tastes!

I did sooo much research and finally found the perfect dress for them...even called the different store locations to see if they had them to try on and how much the dress cost (my BM's are in different states). There was NO work for her to do.

Now... she's talkin to my FI and askin him why the dress gotta be ordered by this date? and how come the dress cost so much.. there are dresses at davids bridal for $99? She has a problem with everything! I've contacted her personally, and instead of telling me this herself she is going through him!..

Today,... I just lost it. He told me that she got the last email from me, and that she wanted me to call her so that we could talk about this. I nearly took his ear off on the phone! I couldn't believe that this grown woman (she's 31) could seriously think that I'm going to take whatever little time to call her and give her the respect of a response, when she doesn't do the same to me.

I am planning our wedding (by myself), getting ready to move to another state, running a business, and working a full time job.. and email is the only mode of communication I can really use during my work day. am I crazy in thinking that the least she could do is respond back to me via email to let me know her thoughts instead of relaying messages and making me feel like I'm wrong?

FI has already told me that she's mentioned about dropping out of the wedding, but I need to hear that from her mouth!.. I'm not going to be the one to suggest that she not be in it and turn it into bad blood.

Am I wrong to feel this way? I should be way past all of this crap already right?

P.S-my other BM and my MOH are AWESOME!!!... at this point I'm hoping that FI's sister isn't in it so that the rest of my party can just move on with things!
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