Zhou B Art Center?

Hi everyone! Has anyone ever been to a wedding at Zhou B Art Center? It looks like a cool space, but it's definitely a more offbeat kind of venue and I'm a little curious if it's *too* funky. A friend told me about an event called Toasted happening there later this month that looks really fun. So I'll definitely be checking that out, it looks really cute.

Has anyone seen it in full display as a wedding setting?

Re: Zhou B Art Center?

  • I have not seen it in full display as a wedding setting, but I did go and look at it last year when trying to pick out a venue.  I don't know if you have been there yet to look at it, but it is a VERY bare space, you would have to spend a lot of money to get it to look like what you may be envisioning.  On the plus side though, it is literally a bare canvass and you can decorate it however you want- but again you will pay for it.  I would also make sure to ask them about the art on the walls.  I don't remember if it gets left up or taken down for weddings/events.  If it gets left up, that's something to consider because you won't have much say in the exhibit, and you don't want to hate the art on your wedding day.

    I am also an offbeat type of bride, and I fell in love with the Bridgeport Art Center, its a bare space with lots of character and history.  If your still looking, its definitely worth checking out.  We are getting married there this summer.  I hope that helps!
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