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Grandpa and grandaughter song help!

My father was never in the picture for majority of my life. I'm having a big ole' country wedding. I'm asking my grandpa to walk me down the aisle because he has always been there, basically raised me since birth. He was never expecting me to get married in a million years and when he sees me in my wedding dress I know he will start crying. So I want to find the perfect song for me and him. Help please

Re: Grandpa and grandaughter song help!

  • I would start by asking him some of his favourite songs and seeing if you like any of them and if they fit for dancing.
  • "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"  Maurice Chevalier.
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    Is this a song for him to walk you down the aisle, or as a spotlight dance?
  • I used the song "My Wish" from Rascal Flatts as my spotlight dance song. It'd be appropriate for a grandpa/daughter song too.
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  • Louis Armstrong "wonderful world" because thanks to him things have been wonderful. I know it's not very country.
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