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Tricky Bridesmaids Makeup

Since asking my bridesmaids to be by my side, they have all been badgering me about getting their hair and makeup done. I have been a bridesmaid three times and have never gotten my hair or makeup done. So I assumed since the theme of the wedding is natural and bohemian, they would look fine with doing their own makeup and hair. It's not like I'm asking them to do their own up-do's and cat eyes. Just neutral makeup and wear their hair straight or in loose curls. They still keep persisting to ask and they all individually told me that they will pay for their own, but if I don't provide professionals, they will leave the hotel room and go get it done on their own. I really wanted to all be together on the morning of the wedding, getting ready and getting excited...but I feel like if I don't provide professional services for them that I will be left alone in my hotel room until picture time. So, I caved in. Luckily, my hair dresser said she would be happy to do their hair as well and I could just let her know before the week of the wedding how many will be getting it done.  

I also just found a new makeup artist (my first trial didn't go so well). She said since it will be wedding season and during the weekend, she does require that at least 3 bridesmaids get their makeup done as well. If it weren't for my bridesmaids continually asking for makeup, I would have declined her then, but since they keep persisting, I told her that was perfect.  So I booked her. But....when I messaged my bridesmaids about the good news, everyone saw but no one responded, even though I told them I needed to know as soon as possible to get back to our artist! She is affordable, does airbrushing, includes lashes, and has 10 plus years experience. 

Why aren't they responding? Do you think they still expected me to pay for it? It's going to be a nice wedding, but they know we are on a budget. I already bought all their robes and tote bags and hotel rooms on the bay. Also tried to find a nice but affordable dress they all liked, took them to brunch after...I can't afford to be buying all their makeup and hair as well. I was very kind in my wording when I told everyone. Am I doing something wrong? Because I feel like it.

Re: Tricky Bridesmaids Makeup

  • BTW I know it might sound like I told them how to do their hair/makeup (neutral and wear it down). But when we were all discussing it at the Bridesmaid Brunch, the topic came up naturally and they were just asking for suggestions. Those were the suggestions I gave them. 
  • I can't believe how much trouble they're giving you with this! I, personally, don't think you're doing anything wrong. 
    Now, TRADITIONALLY, based on research I've done, hair and makeup is paid for by the bride. However, I think that because you had such a simple plan for hair and makeup and they are the ones that insisted on this, they should be paying for it. Especially since they said they would go get it done if you didn't. Who would be paying for that? THEM. 
    I would send another message and say, "look ladies, I don't want to be the kind of bride that has to message you this much. I've wanted this to be as easy as possible. However... yada yada yada..." 

    You sound completely reasonable to me. Don't worry!
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