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I have a wedding headache

24 days to go so everything on the 'to do' list is something we have been putting off.  My RSVP's are due today and something tells me that the chances that all 12 missing responses will  be in the mail waiting for me this afternoon is slim.  

I have all of these tiny little issues like my place cards being flat business cards and not folded and my FMIL dragging her feet on booking the rehearsal dinner restaurant.  I have loved planning this wedding but now I'm definitely ready to get married and move on from planning this giant party!  

Rant over.  xo
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Re: I have a wedding headache

  • I second just about all of than... our RSVP date is Friday and I'm nuding because so many people still haven't sent them in. Why do people hold onto them for a month??

    Home stretch has got to be the hardest part!

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  • I'm with you both on this too! Our RSVP date is next Monday and I've actually been pleasantly surprised with how many we've gotten back because I've heard from so many people that you can't count on people sending them back (which makes no sense to me) but I really don't want to have to go through and call every single couple/family that hasn't responded yet to see if they're coming...I definitely don't have time for that! I have my second fitting and bachelorette this weekend so I'm looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying myself. I still have to figure out my favors which I'm hoping to do those this weekend so they're done and taken care of!

    Back in July when we got engaged I thought that May would NEVER get here but now that it's almost here I almost want a month back so I don't have to feel so stressed about it!

  • I definitely do not want a month back.  I am so ready for it to get here!  19 days!
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