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Just got engaged! :)

I got engaged on Friday and now I am so excited to start planning, but have NO idea where to start!

I live in Long Beach and would love to find a venue on the water or the beach...

Any ideas?!?

Re: Just got engaged! :)

  • AmandalovesAlAmandalovesAl member
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    There is the Allegra hotel in LB that just opened up.

    First thing you should do though is make a budget, set a time frame, and put together a tentative guest list so u know what your minimums will be.

    Congrats on your engagement
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    Congratulations!  All the venues I know are in Suffolk so I doubt I'd be much help to you.
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    I am going to check out Bridgeview next week.  I have been there years ago for a few parties and I really liked it.  Has anyone been to a wedding there?
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    you'll need to plan an engagement photo session, for sure ;)
    i'm a photographer located in suffolk county and absolutely LOVE working with couples who are recently engaged!
    so much love!

    please feel free to look through my website:

    and also feel free to peruse my flickr community site:


    hope to hear from you!
    and much love and luck to you always!

    jaime bley
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    Congrats!  Think of a date, guest numbers, and location, and budget.  Then look at venues.  I was so excited I hired a photographer first and then my venue.  Not a good idea! 

    Have fun planning!
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    Congrats!! I just got engaged too. I felt exactly the same way - where should I start. My fiancee and I decided to make our first draft of a wedding guess list first to see how many people we were dealing with. Even though I'm still new at this, draft of guest list has helped a lot because it gives me an idea of what kind of reception venue I need to look for (big, small, etc.). Also, if you have a number of guests then it gives you a rough idea of what food could cost depending on the venue and their costs. 
    After guest list I did rough budget - more like a cap of what I would spend. You'll find that those two things (guest list and estimate of how much you want to spend on your wedding) will help narrow down your choices. 
    Other than that, we're on the same page! Best of luck and post more if you get some good ideas! 
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    Im getting married at Birdgeview next April! You should definetly look there- it looks gorgeous!
  • LMoncloud9LMoncloud9 member
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    i've looked at bridgeview and i have a friend that is going to a wedding there and she's heard great things. 
  • RachRoseKRachRoseK member
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    Congrats! Enjoy the ride!
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