Any bakery near Hunlock Creek or Wilks-barre you recommend?

I don't live in PA but all my family does so I'm getting married there. The wedding is in Hunlock Creek. I've looked online through google search as well as Wedding wire and the Knot searches. It's hard to tell though when you're from out of state and haven't tried the bakeries. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm also thinking I will probably go with cupcakes since it sounds way easier than cutting a wedding cake and cheaper than hiring someone to cut it.

Honestly, I have no dream or desire for a wedding cake, I'm just going with the whole cake thing because people probably expect it and I can't think of anything better or easier to serve for dessert. As such, I just want something simple and cheap, but that tastes good. I'm even willing to just order a bunch of plain white cupcakes from Giant if they taste good and are cheap. (do they taste good? I never had them, but I assume it tastes like cake? just tell me if they're gross). My guest list is only about 60 so probably 80-100 servings? I don't know how many people will come yet.

tl;dr: Any inexpensive bakery for no frills simple cake or cupcakes that taste yummy, but are not fancy necessarily? In or around Hunlock Creek or Wilks-barre. Thank you ladies tons!
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