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guest list is now 40...

Hello All!

We are planning our ceremony from Wisconsin for Las Vegas 8/6/2016. I haven't really booked much other than our stay at the ARIA for the weekend. I was hoping to get some type of deal since most of our already 40 guest have booked their stay at aria but they wouldn't budge.

I was thinking about the Chapel of the Flowers or Mon Bel Ami but I'm not too  sure. I honestly am thinking I wouldn't mind a cheesier typical Vegas wedding at this point but I've been having difficulty finding a place that will seat between 40-50 guests.

I was also thinking that if we did a cheaper wedding we could have a better after party like getting a limo bus or getting the double decker bus tour and hiring a photographer for the night. My family likes to drink and I want to still keep everything pretty cheap but not trashy. We may even have dinner at like Maggiano's and then do the bus tour? not entirely sure. Any thoughts on the venue? Any suggestions on limo services? I've read a lot about Maggiano's but we have one in WI so I was trying to see if there is somewhere else with the same price range we could go to? ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! THANKS!

Re: guest list is now 40...

  • Firefly, Trevi or canaletto should be good budget wise. Trevi and canaletto are in mall sections, and firefly is a little bit off strip. There is also a brazilian place and an italian place (brio) at the town square las vegas. Chapel of the flowers and mon bel ami have good reviews, I don't like the non-outside photography policy though. If you aren't hiring a photog then those options should work great. Or you can hire a photog for your whole evening then maybe have everyone meet at the bellagio fountains have one of the mobile ministers come out and peform the ceremony then take off on the bus tour.
  • Wedding Wagon will marry you anywhere. We have about 60 coming and none of the chapels could promise to fit them all except one. And that looked like a church- which if we were getting married in a church setting may as well stay home and do it. My family are drinkers and Irish. We are getting married and doing reception at McMullan's Irish Pub. Super nice people. They have a separate room. While that may not be a good fit for you, Wedding Wagon is 129 and marry you anywhere. My hair and makeup girl's sister used them to get married in front of the fountains at the Bellagio. We are getting married July 8, so outside was not something we even looked at!
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  • Depending on your budget, you can always consider in-suite as well. Some have pretty decent deals if you're wanting an all-in-one package. (I think it's Stratosphere that has a decent one with liquor? I keep thinking Stardust, but I know that's long since gone...)
  • thanks for the help! I also am trying to keep it indoors since I know it is going to be extremely hot in august. I will definitely take a look into your suggestions!
  • We have close to 80 attending ours (including the bridal party).  What is your budget?  There is a Border Grill in Caesar's Palace that will fit 40 and is pretty flexible with budget.  The coordinator there is amazing.  Trevi and Cannelletto are also great options.  If you want to go even cheaper, Slice of Vegas has private rooms available that can fit 40 (or even more).

    I saw a wedding online where they took their guests to In and Out Burger (since there wasn't one in their home state) and it looked awesome.
  • I would like to try and keep the food budget under $1700.00 if possible. In and out is actually a really good idea because we don't have one of those in WI! I'll have to check out slice of vegas.
  • At $1700 and 50 guests, you are looking at a per-person price of just under $25, pre-tax/tip.  That will be pretty tricky to accommodate on strip. 

    If you're thinking In and Out, maybe consider guest transportation too.

  • oh for sure. we are thinking about doing the double decker bus. I read some kind of disappointing reviews on here about the DDB but on yelp and more recent posts it seems like everyone has a really fun time on the bus. Do you guys think it would be lame to have the DDB pick us up at one location, take us to the chapel, then hire a photographer for the bus ride (only because most of the chapels that can accommodate our group don't allow outside photography) and then take the bus to like in and out and eat some and then drink, cruise and take lots of pictures for a couple hours? I was thinking about booking the bus for 3 hours or so.  I was thinking about an in-suite reception but it seems like a lot of work and sneaking around and I don't feel like I can fully plan from another state for that :) I am thinking about doing everything later in the day like as the sun goes down since it's going to be in august and balls hot out!
  • We're doing in-suite and it'll be ~$16 a head for food/non-alcoholic beverages only. It's definitely doable, but if the stress isn't working for you, the bus idea sounds awesome. You may want to organize with In & Out in advance to prepare them for a large order.
  • Another option if you're okay with casual is Stripburger at Fashion Show Mall.  Here is a blurb from what they sent me:

    The price is $22 per person plus sales tax (8.1%) and automatic gratuity (20%). You would preselect a choice of 3 burgers from our regular menu. The rest of the menu (starter, shared fries& strings, & dessert) remains the same.

    Slice of Vegas also had a menu option for $22/person (not including T&G) but they had a F&B minimum.

    Switching to lunch instead of dinner would help reduce costs as well.
  • Oh and looks like In-N-Out is opening in the Linq Promenade this Fall:
  • I have a question. Did you invite all these people, or did they invite themselves? Im just wondering with a title like guest list is now 40. It sounds like you didn't intend to have so many people. 
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  • invited them. I honestly didn't think so many people would actually go since it's going to be so hot and I didn't really give a lot of notice. I think most of the people are using it as vacation for themselves as well to be honest.  I also spoke with my mom and we are raising the dinner budget to $2500.00 so that will give me a little  more room for more options
  • Ahh ok, they say something like 66% of people will RSVP to a destination wedding. We had 61% and brother had 70% (he got married in mexico). We both had budgeted for 75% RSVP of our guest list. 

    $2500 is a easier budget to work with. Did you look at wicked spoon?? I know others on here have eaten there and liked it. 
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  • I've heard a lot of hit or miss comments about wicked spoon but I'll look into it again.  I keep changing my mind about everything. I didn't know that the silver sky chapel existed in the Linq and they have a really cheap package that we can add what we want to for a price that I really can't find anywhere else.  I'm also looking at the reception being close by where everyone can just walk from the ceremony so I am looking into Yard House and Off the Strip to see if they can accommodate our group size. Since the Double Decker Bus doesn't really rent because of the heat early August, I am thinking about just getting a couple party buses to do a tour of the strip so we can take pictures etc. I feel like i'm finally getting somewhere, I just haven't heard much on this forum about the Sky Chapel at the Linq, Yard House or Off the Strip so I'm a little hesitant...
  • I think SIlver sky is fairly new. I think it opened up at the same time the quad (now renamed the Linq) did. I did google it and it doesn't have terrible reviews. I looked it up, and it looks nice, you should keep it as an option. Being at the linq would help with the hot weather and getting somewhere if you stay at the linq, and do things close like at the yard house, chayo, etc... I've eaten at both they are good.
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    Silver Sky dates back to Imperial Palace. It was one of the last things the hotel reno'd before it was sold and gutted to the Quad and then to the Linq. We toured it as a chapel last May, and were thoroughly impressed. Had we not gone all in-suite, that would have definitely been the venue.

    Keep in mind: the wedding planners for the Linq are the same planners you get at the Flamingo, so the same reviews about Illiana, Jasmin, and the other girl (sorry, never corresponded with her) reign true to the Linq as well.

    They're budget friendly, rather upscale given their hotel, and definitely quiet. You'll want to make sure you've got directions handy; the wedding chapel is hidden on the 4th floor, but it also means you won't have any chance of some stranger wandering in to your wedding unannounced and uninvited.

    The idea of Wicked Spoon is nice (this was literally our original wedding plan: Silver Sky / Wicked Spoon) because you don't have to worry about picky eaters. It's something that you can probably arrange in advance with little struggle with a phone call or two, but it's not walking distance from hotel to hotel, so planning transportation for your guests is something you would need to do.
  • i think i'm going to give wicked spoon a call today on my lunch break at work. I'll let you guys know what they quote me for around 50 people.
  • Off the Strip is the only restaurant I had communication issues with, in the 20+ I've talked to. I called 3 times, sent 3 emails and finally posted on their Facebook page before I got a decent response. Definitely a no go. 
  • yeah, I am doubting them as well because I haven't heard anything yet either which is disappointing. I did hear back from wicked spoon right away which was nice but there minimum is way above our budget. It's kind of confusing because for 50 people with a drink package it would still be under $3K but then you have to have a $5K minimum for the room so that's not going to happen. Just in case anyone was wondering I copied the email below:

    Thank you for considering The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for a wedding dinner scheduled for Saturday, August 6, 2016.  It would be our privilege to be selected to host your guests with our polished without pretense signature service!
    The Wicked Spoon Buffet delivers well-crafted original selections for every appetite. Top quality food, familiar American, Italian, Asian cuisines will be presented in addition to various imaginative and seasonal dishes – served in vessels and artful plating’s. The space teems with the visual cues of a bustling culinary food hall, vibrant action stations, colorful artifacts, bold chandeliers, oversized booths, community tables and private dining space. The design of the restaurant and private space is certainly different from all other Las Vegas buffets – it is well thought out and created from a guest’s perspective. Our belief is that casual dining does not mean casual service. Attentive and upbeat service will round out your experience with us at The Wicked Spoon!

    Wicked Spoon (Private Dining Room – seats up to 60pp)

    Available – Saturday, August 6, 2016

    50 guests

    Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm


    Food & Non-Alcoholic beverage price:

    Dinner:  Fri – Sun = $43.00++ per person

                Children - 5 – 10 years old = $20.00++ per person

                Children – 0 – 4 years old = Free           


    Unlimited Beverage: $15.00++ per person (Pabst Blue Ribbon, Mimosa/Bloody Mary)

                                  $15.00++ per person (Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red and White house wine)


    Food & Beverage Minimum:  $5,000.00++

    (++ = 21% service fee & 8.15% sales tax)

    The balance is paid in full at the end of the dinner

    Reservation Process:

    50% Deposit is required contingent on food and beverage minimum

    The event order is due one week of issue date to confirm the reservation

    The guaranteed number of guests is due 5 working days prior


    Group Dining Reservation benefits:

    Able to reserve Private Dining Rooms, when/if available

    Assurance that your guests will be seated together

    Confirmed Reservation Times

    Buffet group reservations allow groups to bypass lengthy lines

    *they also sent me some other PDF's about the bar package, cake, etc if anyone is interested let me know

  • For Wicked Spoon, the minimum only applies if you want to use their party room. (We are going that route, but our group is only about 30, so will fit in half the room.)  I think there's a review around here somewhere, where a group had a reservation for the main dining room, and because their group was large enough, they essentially had one side area of the room to themselves. 

    Also, I'm not sure about your math, because I'm showing $3795 including tax and tip for 50 if you do the dinner and drinks (assuming all adults I guess).

    If you're thinking buffets, the Mirage and Paris both have decent options, not too far from the Linq and relatively inexpensive. Mirage comes with a drink package, and Paris has several side rooms.  I think the  food at Paris is somewhat better, but I've mostly gone for breakfast/brunch.

  • yeah, I didn't even bother adding on taxes since it was still pretty close to our budget without the taxes even being added in.  I was more in awe at the fact that there would still be over $1K that we probably wouldn't spend unless we got additional drinks, cake etc. I guess if it is in someones budget it would be nice because then you have the convenience of assuring everyone is seated together and don't have to wait in lines, etc.
  • Paris comes with a drink package, as well. It's $41 pp, if you want to rent a room it's a few hundred more, depending on size of group. Then the 8% tax and 20% gratuity. We will likely go that route, since we're having a photo tour on the strip and it will end at Paris. 

    I have seriously considered Grimaldi's pizza at the Palazzo. It's a very nice space and my FH loooooves pizza. There isn't a minimum and they're totally lax about group dining. You just order whatever you want and it's very reasonable. 

    Culinary Dropout and Ri Ra were also at the top of my list. I think Culinary Dropout is awesome. 

    We decided if all else fails, we'll go to The Cheesecake Factory in the Forum Shops because we freaking love it haha
  • As long as you have to transport from off strip for the ceremony, you might try Firefly.

    They offer a few price-points depending on what you want included, and the food was really good last time we were there. I love their Sangria too. I think they've been mentioned around here a time or two as well.

  • There is a place in the grand canal shops that a few people did there dinners at and it was decent pricing. I can't think of it though. 
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    @KarmenK  O o oh! Strip burger at fashion show mall, its pretty good, did you check there? its $22/pp plus tax and tip (about $29/pp) not including drinks. They can hold up to 100+ people on the patio so you can probably just have a section of it. For drinks maybe you can order a couple bottle of wine or jugs of drinks.

    Or El  Segundo Sol, they are same owners, are right beside strip burger and I love their mexican food here. It's $35/pp plus tax and tip not including drinks.
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    What kills me for Wicked Spoon is the spelling/grammar errors and PBR for the beer. My beer snob husband-to-be and MOH would never stand for that.
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    @xoeden I know!!!!! it's crazy! I have sent out inquiries to el segundo and stripburger @KikiMira and they definitely have really good pricing. we are probably going to go with one of them. and if we don't do dinner and just do like all you can drink for an hour with some apps and then do the party bus tours we will definitely be making a stop at in n out burger for some food for our guests too (which I'm sure they would love). I have also already booked Todd with Bentley and Wilson for our photography for 6 hours and we booked Silver Sky Chapel at the Linq for 5pm! EEEEEEEEEEEEK things are slowly but surely coming together. I'm hoping to have everything booked in the next couple weeks.
  • They do have good pricing!!! I hope it helps you out in your planning. 

    I had Todd, he was great!

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