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Small ceremony & reception - all at restaurant venue

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We are planning a very small wedding with about 40 guests. The ceremony and reception will be held in the same place. We are booking a private room at a restaurant.  I think that we might have a problem with being able to have a rehearsal because it is in a restaurant.   Has anyone else done this, or had an issue with being able to plan a rehearsal? 

Because we both are having all of our siblings in the wedding party, and a couple of close friends. Our wedding party will be 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen.  I am worried that things might be a little disorganized on the day of without a rehearsal.  What do you think?  Has anyone ever walked in a wedding that did not have a rehearsal?

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    I've been in two weddings besides my own. My train was delayed and I missed the rehearsal for the first one, and for the second they didn't have a rehearsal.

    In both instances, the weddings were outside and the wedding parties were smaller. There was no issue. In fact, for the second it was kind of comical. I was the first to walk down the aisle (I was a groomswoman), and walking down the aisle was more than a straight line. The Coordinate told me to go, and I looked at her and asked where I was supposed to go.

    If you are worried, I would find a space roughly the same size where you can illustrate to people what they should be doing during the actual wedding.
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