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Rehearsal? Small ceremony & reception - all at restaurant venue

We are planning a very small wedding with about 40 guests. The ceremony and reception will be held in the same place. We are booking a private room at a restaurant.  I think that we might have a problem with being able to have a rehearsal because it is in a restaurant.   Has anyone else done this, or had an issue with being able to plan a rehearsal? 

Because we both are having all of our siblings in the wedding party, and a couple of close friends. Our wedding party will be 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen.  I am worried that things might be a little disorganized on the day of without a rehearsal.  What do you think?  Has anyone ever walked in a wedding that did not have a rehearsal?

Re: Rehearsal? Small ceremony & reception - all at restaurant venue

  • scribe95 said:
    You could still have a rehearsal. It doesn't have to be in the same space. The idea is just who walks with who, when etc.

    Excellent point @scribe95!
  • I don't think you need a rehearsal either.

    I also think it may be almost as involved as the reception itself if you do - having 16 WP members, plus the two of you, plus parents will be around 18-22 of your 40 wedding guests. And that's without counting SOs! At that rate, you may as well invite the entire wedding guest list to the RD.

    I'd personally skip it, just for that.
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    When I was a church organist, I played quite a few weddings that skipped the rehearsal and the dinner.  Since they were small wedding parties, there was no problem, and I cut them a break on my fee.
    I love small weddings!
  • Thanks everyone. Great points. :smile: 

    We also have 2 5yo flower girls that are going to walk with one 4yo ring bearer. The size of the wp kind of snowballed. The parents of the ring bearer are both in the wp (his dad is my brother, and his mom is one of my bridesmaids). The mother of one flower girl is my MoH, and the other is the daughter of another brother. I am close to all three of them and would love to have them be a part of it. Plus, I figured that they could stand with their father/mother during the ceremony instead of alone with other family.

    I really want to do the rehearsal for them. So, that they could practice what to do. Everyone else has been in a wedding party before and know the drill. 

    I am thinking that skipping the whole WP idea with such a small guest list would have been easier. But... Too late for that now. :neutral:  I am probably overthinking it.  Maybe earlier that day we could just get the 3 of them to practice with their parents.
  • If you aren't seeing your FI prior to the ceremony, can you go earlier that day or a different day say maybe with your MOH or someone else & go through the set up plan with them & then they can have a quick meeting with everyone involved before guests arrive & get everyone else up to speed? If you will see FI before the wedding, just ask everyone to get there before guests will arrive (if possible) and just give a quick run down of the plan.

  • Even with the kids, I think you can skip it. Just decide how you want everyone to walk in and communicate it in writing to the entire party in advance. With that many people and kids, I would suggest doubling up as much as possible (i.e. have the groom's side already standing and send the BMs down two-by-two). If the kids are that age, have their parents explain to them what's going to happen, practice at home, and perhaps even have the parents escort their own children. There's no rule about walking down an aisle; you could be creative here.
    As long as everyone knows to walk from Point A to Point B and where to sit, no rehearsal needed.
    I had a 70 person wedding, 3 attendants on each side, and no rehearsal. Worked out just fine!  

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