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Wedding band

I have a infinity Leo engagement ring. I was looking at wedding bands and there is only one that fits the curves of the rings. With only one option it is more than I want to spend. Has anyone experienced this problem? Would it look bad with a normal wedding band?

Re: Wedding band

  • Can you link a picture to your ring? That would help. 

    Another option you have would be to go to a local jeweler and get something custom made. Some people think that that is more expensive but depending on what you are looking for, and if you have other jewelry that you are willing to melt down for the cause, it can be much less expensive. 
  • I have a unique ering that didn't fit most bands. I had to purchase my bands at a different store than where H purchased my ring. I suggest looking at a few different places, and if you still don't have options in your price range, see if you can find a jeweler to custom fit a simple band. Good luck, your ring is gorgeous. 
  • Thank you! I will start looking around for more options
  • I will ditto the suggestion to find a local jeweler to make a custom band to fit. I'd bet money they can do it for less than the brand-name ring costs.
  • I had a really good experience using a jeweler I found through Etsy called Diamond Dove Jewelry to do a custom-ish wedding band (they had the shape I wanted as a mold and I had them add more diamonds). It's the digital front for a jewelry shop in Chicago. I wanted a platinum and diamond band that would fit around my custom e-ring. I checked with jewelers near me and they said it would be $3.5k + which was way more than we wanted to spend. I think I spent roughly $1,300 and got great customer service. 
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    Without seeing it from the side too I'm not totally sure this'll work, but, I recommend a completely plain, thin band in matching metal. (Platinum? White gold?)

    I have a fairly blingy e-ring and I didn't want to distract from it (or do bling overload) with a flashy wedding band. My wedding band is maybe 2mm wide and 1mm thick. I didn't get them welded together either, which is nice so I can wear my plain band alone as the occasion suits. With it being so thin, it doesn't bump up against the setting of my e-ring. 

  • Thank you! That's exactly what I have decided to do!
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