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Suggestions for Bridesmaid Gifts

I'm less than 30 days from my wedding and totally stuck on bridesmaid gifts. I plan to give them some little things (favorite candy, cookies, etc). It's a bit challenging because two are my sisters who are really difficult to shop for (they're picky), one is my best friend (easy to buy for, too many ideas), and my future SILs who i don't know well enough to purchase something perfect for. I know not to buy something that is for use at the wedding (like jewelry or robes), and to aim to shop like it is a birthday or Christmas gift, but with the wedding stress, I'm having a really hard time finding the right thing for each one and making them seem "equal". 

Ideas that are floating around my head:
Different lockets from Etsy (possibly with a picture of me and the bridesmaid inside) and a little jewelry case for traveling. 

A bottle of wine and a gift card to a restaurant near them

A funny DVD (I have ideas for my sisters and friend, but not my SIL) and a bottle of wine

Birthstone necklaces 

What are you doing for gifts? If you're willing to share, what are you budgeting per bridesmaid?

Re: Suggestions for Bridesmaid Gifts

  • Hi there,

    I am doing the following for my bridesmaids:

    Bottle of Wine
    3-Month BirchBox subscription
    A bar of Lush Soap
    Scented Candle
    Infinity Necklace from Etsy

    I spent about $100 each.

  • Love these ideas!

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  • Birch box is a great idea! Thank you!
  • Birch box is such a great idea.  I did monogrammed tote bags, a navy pashmina, and then bought each of them a different make up bag with small gifts from Sephora.  I think I spent about $125 per girl.  
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  • LOVE the Birchbox idea! I got them earrings for the ceremony (cliche' but they are super cute and match the dress)...I want to get them mini bottles of champagne as well...and the lush idea is great too! Also, NotSoapRadio has specific bridesmaid bathwash/bubble stuff that is awesome!
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