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My wedding - 12.12.15

Hi ladies!  I've had my pics for a bit now so I wanna post this before too much time has passed.

My wedding was at Trump National Doral and it was absolutely perfect.  All my vendors were a dream except for the DJ.  (I am not allowed to post about them by name but please just make sure that any company you hire will send a person who is a competent MC.  Our guy could not even read simple lines and butchered the entire reception entrance, then ignored all of the previously agreed upon song selections. They were very expensive and one of "the best" in South Florida so I never saw it coming.) Anywho, here it is.


Re: My wedding - 12.12.15

  • Congrats! You look lovely, and your winter theme was beautiful!
  • Your pictures are lovely!  What a beautiful wedding you had.

    Would you please remove the picture of you and your BMs in the robes, though?  It I were one of your BMs I'd be very embarrassed that a picture of me in a robe was making the rounds on the internet.

  • Thanks for the nice words.

    Actually I attempted to delete that picture before I posted, but not for modesty. I just thought I had too many and I chose to remove that one and 2 others. I'm not sure why they still show up at the bottom.

    Considering I've had the pictures for over a month and all of the ladies have every social media outlet and have posted this and all the other closer up pictures publicly, I'm 100% sure none of them are uncomfortable with it being on the Internet. The robe maker asked if she could post it on her site and they were all excited to be featured. I'm pretty familiar with my girls. 
  • Gorgeous pictures!
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    Great pics! I love your bouquet and colour of the BM dresses.
  • Everything looks beautiful! Congratulations!
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  • @SP29
    Thanks, it was a challenge to get the color I wanted.  I found it online and requested a fabric sample.  I got one in the mail and it looked perfect, but when the first dress arrived (the jr. bridesmaids) the color looked kinda greenish.  Like it had a beachy tint to it.  It was called misty blue, everyone agreed the dress was a little green. Not having the exact color I wanted wouldn't have been a disaster, but since I had a winter theme, a beachy color would have been awkward.

    Not sure if it was the lighting at home or whatever, but once they all put them on they were magically blue.  The BM pics are some of my favs. Got lots of compliments on their dresses. :)
  • I rarely post on this board, but I just wanted to say WOW.  It looks breathtaking!  Congrats!

  • So beautiful! Congratulations!
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