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West Point USMA reception venues?

 My fiance and I are considering having our wedding and reception at West Point (USMA). He is an Old Grad. We would have the ceremony at the beautiful Cadet Chapel. We want a reception venue that is more laid-back and inexpensive (we are not really shrimp-and-cocktail people, and we want our wedding to be fun, easy-going, and child/family-friendly). The 1949 Lounge was our first thought, but unfortunately the club doesn't rent it out in the winter. What other options might we have? I've heard of the names Herbert Hall, Ike hall, and Cullum Hall as ideas, but I don't really have pictures or a good idea of what they're like. The Officer's Club and the Thayer Hotel are beautiful, but I'm not sure whether they suite our budget or style. I'd like to be wrong about that though! :smile: 
   Any information, experiences, and pictures are greatly appreciated!
   Bonus question: did you choose WP over your family's town of residence? How did that decision come about?
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