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Flamingo, Eiffel Tower Restaurant

After Doing a lot of research we are starting the booking process.

Flamingo Gazebo Venue (it was a hard choice between the 2 Falls locations and the Gazebo) We have a small party 18 and after doing some reading the Gazebo is a more private choice at this Hotel.

Eifel Tower Restaurant for Dinner. Little more expensive than the Mon Ami Gabi restaurant but the view is worth it.

Our first choice was Mandalay Bay valley of the falls but its quite expensive 499 base plus the add ons comes to around 2k a little more than we wanted to spend. Flamingo is about 600 plus some small add ons.

Next up is the cake ( most likely retro bakery)

and last a photographer - does flamingo allow a third party photographer ?

Any tips Appreciated!

thank you :smile: 

Re: Flamingo, Eiffel Tower Restaurant

  • for the flamingo photography if you go to this website: 
    on the left side of the page under the CONTACT INFO there is an FAQ document that you can look at that will answer a lot of the questions you may have. this is what it says about photography:

    How do the photos work?
    Every ceremony package includes a limited amount of photography time and a certain credit towards photographic products. Our photographers will take a minimum number of exposures so you can choose the prints from among several favorites. There are photographs taken during the ceremony in a journalistic style and some posed photographs taken after the wedding. If you intend to do several group photos, we recommend upgrading your photography package to include more time for family shots and personalized pictures of you and your spouse. Images will be available for viewing online 3-5 days after your ceremony. The photo studio will send out a link and instructions for viewing and purchasing your photos through your email.
    Can I purchase more photos? Yes, you may purchase additional prints and your family may select prints from your photo gallery online. You will receive an email from our photography vendor with a link and password for on-line access to ordering additional prints within 72 hours of your ceremony.
    Is the copyright for additional pictures included in the package?
    In most of the packages the copyright is not included in the cost of the wedding package. You may arrange to purchase the high resolution photo CD in advance, though. Speak to your coordinator for your options. Do you offer webcasting?
    We do offer webcasting of our ceremonies. However, there is typically a time delay of two to four hours from the ceremony time until the wedding is available for viewing on line.
    $60 for Five days*
    $100 for 30-days *
    *price may vary depending on if your package already includes a videographer or not
    Can my guests take their own photos?
    Your guests may take photographs as we are preparing for the wedding, pinning on corsages, organizing the processional and the like, but they should not shoot during the ceremony.

  • we have our wedding booked through Caesar's Palace (who is a part of the same chain as the Flamingo) and we are using a third party photographer (Bently & Wilson) but to do so, we have to pay a $350 vendor fee. i would think that a similar fee would apply at another resort/casino owned by the same management group. we found their FAQs to be a little inconclusive, so i would recommend contacting the wedding services staff and asking. for us at least, working with a recommended photographer that we can get in contact with easily prior to the wedding date was a priority for her
  • For Flamingo it is $150 for outside vendor fee, for each vendor, we are probably going to book the gazebo as well just haven't done it yet :)
  • I wouldn't call the gazebo more private at the Flamingo; it's the first thing you see when you're walking towards the wedding chapels. However, it is much quieter and easier to find, easier to hear, easier to talk at, etc. Given as that you're only looking at a 15-30 minute time at the chapel, I personally wouldn't jump on Mandalay either.
  • Flamingo is booked. Can we add our own Aisle runners?

    Aisle Markers .....................................................................$150

    Floral/Paper Aisle Runner .....................................................$100
    Aisle Runner Cloth ...............................................................$200


    price was 650 for flamingo just the venue
    That is just the location rental- no floral, photography, or music are included. 

    we did a la carte got the pianist, and dove release.

     Eiffel restaurant charges 15$ P/P if you want to bring your own cake/cupcakes. 
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