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Recommend a good wedding company

We are getting married this July or August and would like to do it at valley of fire.  Does anyone know of a good company that handles it all from start to finish?  License, transportation, ceremony, photos


Re: Recommend a good wedding company

  • I know the officiant that we used does a lot of weddings there, so you might want to shoot him an email and see if he has recommendations on an entity that does it all:   Super nice guy, you could use him as your officiant too if you need that as well.

    If you want to handle the vendors yourself, there are many options for transport, ceremony and photos, I have links to quite a few at

    Regarding the license, that's your responsibility to apply for and pick up since it requires showing your id.  Here's the step by step:

    Effectively, pre-app at 60 days out, show up with $60 cash any time after that, pick up your license, officiant and witness sign it on wedding day, most officiants will turn it back in for you, monitor for it to be ready via the Clark County website, once it's ready, order legal copies.  Don't fall for the scam of hiring a company to get you your legal copies; all they're doing is charging you $50+ to click reload on the Clark County page once a day to find it's ready and then doing the same steps as you would.

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  • I second reaching out to Rev. Roland August. He's been amazing in corresponding with me, and we honestly considered booking him for photography too, since his prices are ridiculously reasonable and the quality looks pretty fab.

    You could also consider looking at one of the hotels close to Valley of Fire -- I think Red Rock might be one? I know they at least have a package named after it.
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