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Explain this joint FB-account thing to me.

Because I just don't get it.  And I don't know why it annoys me (it shouldn't), but it does, probably because I don't understand it.  It's not like Netflix, where it's kind of pointless to have multiple accounts in one house.

Not that it makes me right and them wrong, but I can't imagine sharing an account with DH.  Wouldn't that just be really...cluttered?  I would want to hide one of his friend's copious pro-second amendment/anti-Obama posts, he would have to wade through all of my Wonder Posse stuff, etc.  Seems like a lot of work when you can each have your own account for free.  If people's newborns and pets can have their own accounts, grown-up humans can, too.

Please explain below, TIA KTHXBYE:

Re: Explain this joint FB-account thing to me.

  • Annoying at best...  I have a few friends like this and I never know who's the one doing the posting...
  • I think it is really weird with the caveat that my parents have one and I sort of see it for them. They created a fb page years back to see pictures some relative was posting and they added like 15 friends. They hardly checked it, almost never posted but had it in my dad's name because he set it up. In the last year or so mom got to using the page some, posted a few pictures and comments etc and dad kept saying she should change it to her name. I don't think she could and so now it says DadName MomName LastName. They probably post like 1x every 4 months so it doesn't really matter, they just use it to view family posts.

    For those who regularly post it is soooo annoying, especially when they post some sappy love note/birthday post/anniversary post and I have no idea who is "talking" and why they are essentially posting to themselves.

  • I don't get it. To me, it comes across as a trust issue, though I'm sure it's not in every case. But anytime I see it, I immediately think "well, someone doesn't trust their partner..."
    Yup, that's what I assume too!  I also guess they're the couple that can't do anything without the other and I'm not sure which annoys me more. 
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    I think it's weird too.

    Makes me think the couple is attached at the hip and they have no individual likes/hobbies/friends of their own.
  • My DIL set her's up with my son, he hates social media and has never used it.  Hates when any of us post pictures that he is in, so I'm really not sure why she put both names on it.  This was her original fb, made after they had already gotten married. 
  • For the younger generations it's codependent nonsense. I can almost understand the older generations doing it because they're not as good with newer technology and even managing one facebook page can be too much for them.

    I set up a FB page for my parents around 6 years ago so they could see pictures/etc. that I was posting online. It's not a combined name page, i just made up a fake name, and it appears to be one person. My mom used it a lot more for the first 2 or so years, and then my dad got really into FB games for a while and created like 4 accounts of his own. My mom still mainly uses the page to look at grandkid pictures and talk to a few relatives. If my dad is on her account and posts, I can easily tell the difference.
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    Joint FB accounts annoy me way more than they probably should. The worst is when one member of the couple makes a post and then adds "-their name" at the end.

    Like, just get your own damn Facebook. It's free!

    Eta- I should have clarified. I am talking about younger couples here, not older ones. 

  • I've never seen this done with a younger couple . . . but it sounds really weird and iffy for sure.

    I have seen older couples (aged 50+) do this, but I can handle that. I have considered trying to set something like that up for my parents, both of whom currently don't have a facebook account because they are super intimidated by it, but I think they'd really like being able to keep in touch with some of their extended family members through social media, and if grandkids ever come along they would like to see all the pictures. 

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  • My friend's FB just changed from Dude Lastname to DudeandNewWife Lastname.... her facebook remains unchanged. Knowing him, I don't blame her too much but knowing him I can't imagine there are 2 different women willing to fuck him. Also, every other post is a mushy "I'm so lucky to have found you post" or TMI about their active sex life, so who is the person who would talk to him in a scandalous way over FB? 
  • a thing?  That absolutely horrifies me.  Like, my partner and I are super close and we probably spend an above-average amount of time together, but we are still separate and distinct human beings.

    The only joint profile I have seen is a friend's parents.  They are older and have just one computer and no smart phones, so I just assumed they didn't want to bother signing in and out.  They don't really post anything, just "like" a bunch of family photos.
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