Finals, Transfers, and Weddings, OH MY!

Hi there.

I'm a non-traditional student (took a five year-ish long break to do an enlistment in the military) about to finish up my Associates. Next week is finals, and starting about a month ago, transfer decisions began coming out. I'm still waiting for two more decisions before I decide where I want to go. I've gotten two acceptance letters, and it's driving me crazy waiting.

On top of this, the wedding is in eight months exactly, and my wedding planning has almost halted while I'm checking my email obsessively.

Any other transfers awaiting the big news while wedding planning? How are y'all handling it?

Re: Finals, Transfers, and Weddings, OH MY!

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    First of all, thank you for your service and best of luck to you!

    FW is starting her coursework for her associate's in the fall. I should suggest she come here.
  • I appreciate the thanks. And the luck!

    You should definitely tell her. I know I didn't expect wedding planning and school stress to coincide at all, but this semester proved me wrong.

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