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More Reviews - hair/cake/Chayo/transportation

Harmony Tapia - A+
I used Harmony for my hair and she did a great job. She asked me to send her some pictures of what I was looking for before the appointment and it turned out perfectly. I ended up with a low updo and I got a lot of compliments. It also stayed really well and was comfortable all day. She came to the hotel room which I would highly recommend instead of going to a salon. It was so convenient.

Cakes on the Move - A+
I was really excited about the cake and Darlene was easy to work with. She even offers free delivery and the pricing was very reasonable compared to some other places I contacted. I wanted a 3 tier, but we didn't need a cake that large so she offered to make each tier 2 layers of cake with filling instead of 3 layers. It looked exactly like the picture I sent her and also tasted really good. We got a different flavor for each layer and she even made the top tier with one of her "premium" fillings without charging us extra. 

Chayo - A
We made a reservation at Chayo restaurant for a meet and greet dinner the night before the wedding. They were one of the few places that would take a large reservation without a set menu or requiring a food/beverage minimum. About 15 people came and we were seated at a large table in our own private space. The food was good and we ended up with a lot of margaritas, because the server accidentally spilled one on my dad's back. He felt terrible and kept bringing free margaritas for everyone so it was all good. The only downside was that they were only willing to split the table into 4 separate checks. We didn't know that ahead of time. Luckily everyone in our group was pretty easy going and we worked it out.

Earth Limos and Buses - B
We reserved a shuttle to take people from the ceremony to the reception. They were on time, but it seems like the driver was confused about where to go. I was busy taking pictures, but one of the guests on the bus called my friend who was still with me asking where they were supposed to go, because the driver didn't know. I guess they figured it out, but I called at least twice leading up to the wedding to confirm the details and I imagine they drive to Mandalay Bay frequently.

I also tried reserving a limo with them, but they didn't have any available so I chose an Executive SUV instead. I called the next day to cancel, because I decided to find a limo with another company, but they couldn't find the reservation anywhere even with my confirmation number. I guess it was fine since I didn't want it anymore, but would have really been a problem if we were expecting it to show up the day of the wedding.

Presidential Limo - A
Earth Limos didn't have any actual limos available to take my husband and I to Mandalay Bay after we finished pictures so we got one from Presidential. They were on time and easy to find when they picked us up. 

I'll have one more review coming for our photographer. We used Bently and Wilson and I won't have the pictures back for a couple of weeks.

Re: More Reviews - hair/cake/Chayo/transportation

  • Congrats on getting married!

    Finally a Chayo group review! Besides the spill you were happy with how they handled your group?
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  • Thank you! Yes, we were very happy. The spill was a complete accident so I wouldn't hold it against them. It was nice of them to give the free drinks as an apology though. The food was good and I liked the space they put us in. It was also a Friday night and not super crowded or loud. Like I mentioned the only issue we had was the check situation. If you're planning on having multiple people pay you may want to organize who's paying up front and have others pay them back. 
  • Ahh, did they put you upstairs? 
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  • I actually didn't know they have an upstairs. We were in an area on the right side of the restaurant that's a little raised and has a half wall. We had a long banquet style table. 
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    They certainly do, its why they have an elevator. If you come in off the linq side you walk right by the stairs/elevator, if you come in from the hotel side, you probably don't see it. You can view photos here:
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