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Outdoor globe string lights?

Does anyone know where I can get really affordable outdoor string lights? Anyone selling ones they've used?

Re: Outdoor globe string lights?

  • Affordable means nothing.

    1.Look at amazon, walmart, big lots, ikea etc. and see what is the going rate is.
     2. Join a local consignment group (many regions/statses have wedding specificgroups "Maryland wedding wedding consignment").
    3. Post "ISO (in search of) 10 strands of outdoor globe light, looking to spend no more than $10 per strand" (or whatever details you have)

  • Walmart has them in-store right now - this is one of those things where if you can find someplace that you can purchase them in bulk for less, great, but you may simply be better off to just go to the store and purchase them new than risk someone's busted ones...
  • I'd check a local wedding resale group. Or if you can wait until after Christmas buy at that time
  • My one suggestion is not to get hung up on whether they are rated for exterior use.  You wouldn't be using them outside in the rain anyway, so it doesn't matter if they could withstand those conditions.  Interior lights are just as good and they are often significantly cheaper.
  • I believe I saw a post in the classifieds about this exact thing. Check there !
  • Thanks everyone! I'm gonna get the ones they sell at Target! They're about $12 for a 25-foot strand and plastic so they won't break while in transit!
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    I got mine off a wholesaler on ebay. I paid about $60 per 100 foot strand. I wanted glass as I like the looks of them better then plastic. They shipped real quick and were nicely packaged. 
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