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Aisle runners

We are having an outdoor wedding, and I've been debating on getting an aisle runner. Since it is outdoors, my thinking is that a full aisle runner might be dangerous on uneven ground, so I was considering the two separate aisle liners. The trouble I'm having is swallowing the cost on this. I found a great one that I really like on ebay, in our wedding colors, for about $45 including shipping.

So I guess my question is, how important was it to dress up the ceremony space ? Is this something that would be missed, or look tacky without ?

I am currently planning on having paper cones with rose petals/bio-degradable confetti on the chairs that line the aisle, so it wont be completely bare.

Thoughts ?

Re: Aisle runners

  • IMO, aisle runners are such a waste, indoors or out. And cumbersome, slippery, and in the case of outdoor weddings, prone to being blown around. Skip.
  • The only aisle runner I ever remembered was the one where the bride tripped and fell. I'd skip it.

  • Thanks for the input!

  • TyvmTyvm member
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    Ceremony decorations are super not necessary. I don't think I've ever even seen an aisle runner [in person] at a wedding.

    k thnx bye

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    We had an aisle runner (indoors), because it was included with the venue's decor package. No issues with tripping- I didn't even notice it was there.

    However, I wouldn't pay to have one (particularly since no one even notices it is there). I also wouldn't fight with one outdoors- you do have to be careful that it is firmly secured to the floor. Anything like a mat or rug is always a risk for tripping.
  • Totally unnecessary IMO.   Save the money.  
  • Well the one I was considering wouldn't be walked on. Its a boarder that goes down the two sides of the aisle, but the middle walking space is open.

    Still decided against it though. Seems like a silly thing to pay for!

  • Ive been to a few outdoor ceremonies, one had a runner and the wind kept blowing it.. guests who were sitting at the end of the aisle were holding it down with their feet and in the pictures you saw a bunch of legs and feet sticking out on the aisle. If I were you, ditch the runner but maybe jazz it up with some pew markers.. You dont have to do over the top ones with flowers and tulle bows because that could get pricey, but you can do little bushels of babies breath with some ribbon, and it will still look very pretty. (in my opinion)
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