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Really Close to OneYear OUT!!

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Hi ladies :smile: we are getting really close  to our one year out mark. Thing are about to get really interesting soon for all of us. I've been doing lots of early planning.....I've book a venue, florist, caterer, DJ, and photographer. And we’re taking our engagement photos in July. What have you ladies gotten done? Or am I the only crazy lady here?

Re: Really Close to OneYear OUT!!

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    We booked our venue for ceremony+reception, so that's a big sigh of relief.

    Getting invitation samples now, have some preliminary conversations with a florist lined up, and figuring out which DJ friend we want to work our wedding (we surprisingly know a few).

    Then we've got to turn our attention to caterers, officiant, and photographer.  And I have to start thinking about this whole dress thing, which I am both excited about and completely dreading.

    Good on you for already making such a dent in things! 
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    420 days for FI and I! :smiley: 
    We have booked our venue, DJ, and Band. I bought my dress (it just came in last week!!! :smile: )
    We found the photographer we want, but our first mortgage payment is due, so we are waiting until that is paid before we make the photographer deposit. Hoping to get engagement pictures done in July and sent out STDs in August!
    I've gone a little wild ordering free invitation samples! So wild that I received an actual wedding invitation the other day and as I was looking at it FI says "you and those damn invitations, you weren't lying that you ordered a crap-ton of samples!" 
    We've e-mailed a few caterers but nobody wants to give any information regarding price ranges until we have a sit down with them. However, I kind of don't want to waste my time if they are not in my budget, KWIM.
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    Good to know I'm not the only one early planning. I'm planning for our engagement session now, trying to figure out what were going to wear. They are being taken in a garden setting with lots and so I want to be neutral.

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    6 Months away ladies!!! How are you all feeling? 
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