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My fiance and I are going for our tasting soon and we have no idea what kind of food we want at our wedding. We can pick themes (Mexican Food, Italian, etc.) but we just don't know where to start. We can always go with something something safe like Chicken Alfredo but I don't known how well that will serve given that dinner is a buffet. 

What are you serving (or have seen served) for a buffet dinner?

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  • We're planning on doing a buffet also, and have our tasting to pick what we're serving at the end of the month. 

    All the wedding buffets I've seen in the past usually consisted of two or three protein entree options (i.e., fish, chicken, pork, veggie option), two or three side items (like pasta, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, green beans) and some kind of salad and rolls. 

    I did once attend a wedding where some of the entree options and side dishes ran out -- I was pretty bummed, as I only got salad and a piece of veggie lasagna. So make sure you check with your vendor carefully about your guest count to make sure you get enough. 

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  • We are doing a plated supper, but the buffets I have been to are usually similar: 1-3 protein options (typically beef, chicken, pork, fish and +/- a carving station), 1-2 veggie entrees (think pasta, veggie bake, bean dish), 3-5 side dish options (rice, potatoes, salads, marinated/grilled veggies, pasta salad, buns, crackers/cheese, soup) and then sometimes some sweet options like fruit/banana bread.

    I think you could go fairly plain or have a theme to add some excitement.

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    If you do Mexican make sure options are mild and and have hot sauce at the end, or have spicy options clearly labeled for those that don't eat like that.
    ETA: options not potions.

  • We did a buffet and the food was AWESOME!  Granted, our venue was known for their good food, so I trusted that whatever they made would be well-prepared for the buffet.  I know we had a salad, some kind of rosemary chicken, a beef option, and a vegetarian option (I want to say fettuccine alfredo, since I knew that would appeal to all my vegetarians as well as my meat-eaters), as well as a cooked vegetable, those mini potatoes, and probably rolls (it was a couple years ago, all I remember was that the chicken was really good).  If your caterer normally does buffet-style meals, they should be able to recommend what will work best for that type of meal.  I think a little variety is the key, so that guests with dietary restrictions will be able to find something they can eat (ie, if you go Italian give them an option that doesn't include pasta if you have gluten-free friends, or if you go Mexican make sure there's something other than salad for your vegetarians to eat).  
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    lnixon8 said:
    If you do Mexican make sure potions are mild and and have hot sauce at the end, or have spicy options clearly labeled for those that don't eat like that.
    Wimps like me thank you for your consideration. :) 
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  • Our buffet included:
    Chicken breast (with peppers and zucchini)
    Thinly sliced beef tenderloin
    Caesar salad And mixed greens salad (2-3 different dressings)
    macaroni and cheese
    green bean with almonds 
    maple glazed carrots
    cupcakes for dessert.

    we were lucky to not have any vegetarians or nut allergies. 

    I will say that every wedding buffet I've been to that had primarily pasta (so italian food) it was cold by the time i got to it.  Even with chafing dishes, if it's not a baked pasta like mac and cheese or lasagna,  I think it's really difficult to keep it's shape and stay hot enough!
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    I prefer when there is not a theme, and just a good various mix like @casadena 's. I like choices- I don't like green beans so on hers I'd chose the carrots. My brother didn't have any options it was just line up and get your chicken, green bean, potato. I did not enjoy that.



  • Please be kind to your guests with food sensitivities/allergies - have one "neutral" type protein that is as close to its original state as possible!  (i.e. pot roast, chicken breast, pork roast, broiled fish, etc.)..  Mexican - be mindful of spices!  Italian - be mindful of high glycemic factor of the carbs as well as the gluten...  Same goes for salads - ask for the dressing to be on the side instead of mixed in because oftentimes "If I can't eat anything else I'll just eat salad"...

    At the end of the day remember the phrase "Nothing succeeds better than the simple done well" - your choices don't need to be fancy, they simply need to be delicious! 

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